Welcome to the META+LAB Sandbox Environment.

The Lab is a student-run, staff-and-faculty supported organization directed to the development of mobile-responsive web applications for the University and for external clients. Under the mentorship of faculty, students who gain admission to the program work on these applications, as well as on creative design solutions and marketing strategies within an interdisciplinary setting. A fundamental purpose of META+LAB is to hone students' professional skills and extend their curriculum through real case projects, collaboration, and team-based interaction in order to prepare them to work in our dynamic and diverse workforce.

This space showcases the products, web services, and projects that META+LAB is responsible for. Feel free to check out our work and their respective demo environments, as well as the projects we're currently working on.

For more information on our program, visit the META+LAB mebsite at www.metalab.csun.edu.

META+LAB Products

AS Metro-Pass built for Associated Students

AS Metro Pass is a micro-application used by the Ticketing Office in conjuction with the new Metro U-Pass. It uses existing META+LAB web services to determine if students meet the unit requirements for the discounted Metro U-Pass. It also features report-generating functionality for monthly auditing purposes.

Cal State Pays built for Strada

Cal Stay Pays is the second phase of our web application, Learn and Earn. It will provide users with the opportunity to access and compare earnings data, return on investment, and other valuable data of students who attended seven major CSU’s in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. The application will contain data of nearly 900,000 students over a period of twenty years. This application is developed in coordination with Professor Richard Moore and Professor Kenneth Chapman.
Demo URL: https://www.sandbox.csun.edu/metalab/csumetrola

Electronic Assessment System (EAS) built for Academic Affairs

EAS is an application used for course, program and University assessment. It allows professors to create assignments and rubrics as well as view uploaded assignments. It also allows students to submit copies of their assignments into a data store for future retrieval. These assessments provide valuable feedback that helps the university to better meet student learning objectives and thus improve the quality of education.
Producction URL: https://www.csun.edu/electronic-assessment-system

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) built for Research and Graduate Studies

ETD is a web application designed to replace the thesis paperwork students must file with Graduate Studies. ETD also eliminates the need for students to print and bind copies of their theses. Using ETD, student theses are submitted to the Oviatt Library's online repository, ScholarWorks. Once submitted to ScholarWorks, the theses will be available and searchable online.
Production URL: https://academics.csun.edu/etd

Electronic Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE) built for Undergraduate Studies

UDWPE is an electronic version of the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. It is meant to provide a more sustainable and accessible process for all testers.
Production URL: https://www.metalab.csun.edu/udwpe-exam

Employee Self-Identification System (AA2) built for Office of Equity and Diversity

AA2 is an updated version of a previous web application used by the Office of Equity and Diversity. The purpose of this application is to input and manage self-identification forms used by incoming faculty and lecturers. The application also generates various reports for different based on the census data gathered. AA2 incorporates new features and functionality in addition to various improvements to the design and user interface.
Production URL: https://www.metalab.csun.edu/aa2

Faculty Profiles built for Office of the Provost

Faculty Profiles provides CSUN faculty members with a professional web presence designed to enhance communication and collaboration. Key information about each faculty member is provided. This includes academic, professional, and service-related activities.
Production URL: https://www.csun.edu/faculty/profiles

Faculty Scholarship built for Research and Graduate Studies

Scholarship is an application that enables faculty members to easily search through an organized database of expertise. It provides a more easily-accessible means to collaborate and connect through interdisciplinary research, showcase projects, list areas of expertise, and share resources with fellow faculty members.
Production URL: https://www.csun.edu/faculty/scholarship

Faculty Stories built for Faculty Affairs

Faculty Stories provides the opportunity for current and prospective faculty members and students to learn about CSUN’s faculty members by showcasing videos, pictures, and interviews that highlight the personal lives, community involvement, and scholarly activity of these members.
Production URL: https://www.csun.edu/faculty/stories

Internal Management System (IMS) built for Official Police Garages

Internal Management System (IMS) is a web application that keeps track of towing data for an official police garage of the City of Los Angeles.

Language Lab Inventory System built for Barbara Ann Ward Language Center

Language Lab Inventory System provides the Language Center with a database that will enable them to operate more effectively while tracking any type of change in laboratory inventory.

Late Add Drop (LAD) built for Undergraduate Studies

Late Add Drop is a web application developed for CSUN Academic Affairs that allows CSUN students to add and drop classes from their schedule after the respective deadlines.
Production URL: https://www.metalab.csun.edu/late-add-drop

Learn and Earn built for the CSU Chancellor's Office

Learn and Earn is a web application that provides the user the opportunity to access data related to majors, industries and annual earnings of former CSUN students two, five and ten years after they left CSUN. It also provides a comparison between students who didn’t complete their college degree, those who did and those who went to graduate school. This web application enables students, parents, counselors and any other user to explore the possibilities of getting a college degree.
Production URL: https://www.metalab.csun.edu/learnandearn

Letters of Leaders built for Men's Baseball Team

Letters of Leaders is an application with a life-changing purpose: to transform the individual by reinforcing 10 meaningful letters in a program that takes less than 10 minutes per week.
Demo URL: https://www.sandbox.csun.edu/metalab/10letters

NOMI: Names of Matador Individuals built for Faculty Development

Use NOMI (Names of Matador Individuals) to learn your students’ names. Learning your students’ names positively affects their attitudes about the course by making them feel that they are part of an inclusive environment.
Demo URL: https://www.sandbox.csun.edu/metalab/nomi/

META+LAB Web Services


Affinity provides information acknowledging and celebrating teaching interests and accomplishments as well as promoting faculty community and networking. The web service provides a gateway to access information on interests, badges and expertise of a particular professor.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/affinity


The Curriculum web service provides information about courses and classes. This information is derived from the CSUN catalog and SOLAR. Curriculum enables the user to access all public information of a selected course or class.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/curriculum


The Degrees API provides a web service as an interface for requesting information about a faculty member's degree and institutional background.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/degrees


Directory Web Service provides core information about CSUN faculty and staff. The web service showcases people, contacts, office hours and classes of faculty and staff. This web service allows other web sites to consume the information and present it as a searchable directory that can be used by a number of CSUN-sponsored websites.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/directory


Jewel allows developers to consume data from any RESTful JSON web service and automatically wrap the data with semantic HTML Markup. For users that need more flexibility Jewel allows for custom HTML & data pairing.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/jewel


The Media Web Service leverages the Directory Web Service and NameCoach to retrieve an individual’s profile image and their pre-recorded name pronunciation.
Production URL: https://api.metalab.csun.edu/media


The Roster web service provides a simple mechanism that, through the maintenance of an active roster of members, retrieves core information about an affiliation and its members. The specific information provided is dependent on the type of association. An affiliation could be anything from an academic class or department to a research group or committee.
Sandbox URL: https://api.sandbox.csun.edu/metalab/roster

META+LAB Projects

Innovation Incubator

This project is currently in development.


Metaphor is a user interface kit that ensures web applications maintain consistency with CSUN branding and identity standards. Metaphor was built specifically to improve the mobile user experience and assures compliance with ADA guidelines on all platforms. It will also extend the current utility of the Web-One guidelines to incorporate web applications.
Publicly accessible on GitHub: https://github.com/csun-metalab
Documentation URL: https://www.csun.edu/metalab/metaphor/docs/accordion.html

Senior Design Showcase

This project is currently in development.